Whether this is your first yeast male infection, or you suffer from the occasional yeast infection, or you are a frequent sufferer, you will want to get rid of the infection NOW.

Yeast infections may be itchy and may cause burning and irritation. They may cause white curd-like lesions in your mouth. Acidophilus is an excellent home remedy to try to get rid of the yeast infection, or to try to lessen it while you wait for your doctor’s appointment.

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How Does One Get a Yeast Infection?

Everyone has yeast present in their body. Under normal circumstances, this yeast is kept at certain levels by “good bacteria” in the body. But sometimes, the yeast may start to grow out of control. This may be because you have been taking antibiotics which kill all bacteria – both good and bad.

Sometimes, there are other health conditions which compromise the immune system, such as cancer or diabetes. Or, you may have had sex with someone with a yeast infection.

Whatever the reason, yeast, or Candida albicans, may begin to grow out of control and cause various types of yeast infections or Candidiasis – penile yeast infections, vaginal yeast infections in women, oral, skin, and other types of yeast infections. Acidophilus is a good home remedy for any of these infections.

What is Acidophilus?

Acidophilus is a bacteria which is found in the human body. Sometimes you’ll hear it called a “probiotic.” Probiotics are live organisms that are naturally present in everyone’s body. Some of the benefits of acidophilus have been known for thousands of years.

When acidophilus bacteria come upon sugar, the bacteria eat the sugar. Yeast “eats” sugar too. If the acidophilus bacteria get the sugar first, the yeast have no food and don’t take begin to grow.

Acidophilus is found naturally in yogurt and called lactobacillus acidophilus. In fact, it’s a bacterium which is used to make yogurt. It’s also found in sauerkraut and Korean kimchi.

It is essential in your body to help fight the proliferation of other organisms such as yeast. It also helps to keep your digestive system in good working order.

Acidophilus, as a component of yogurt, may be smeared on the offending part, and one or two cups of unsweetened yogurt should be eaten every day. Always use unsweetened yogurt for both a soothing “ointment” and for dietary purposes. As yeast live on sugar, you don’t want to add more sugar to your diet in the form of sweetener.

Acidophilus Supplements

Acidophilus supplements, in various forms, are available at health food stores, drug stores, and supermarkets. It is recommended that anyone suffering from a yeast infection male should take one or two acidophilus supplements a day. Each of these tablets, caplets, or chews should contain 10 million to 1 billion colony forming units or CFUs.

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