BoriCap Vaginal Suppository Applicator - Reusable

BoriCap Vaginal Suppository Applicator – Reusable

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of BoriCap Vaginal Suppository Applicator – Reusable.

  • VERSATILE – Fits BoriCap Suppositories & all size 00 pills
  • HASSLE-FREE – Can be cleaned & recycled or gotten rid of
  • HYGENIC – Separately covered for your security
  • MADE IN THE U.S.A. – Quality product produced in Boston MA
  • 100% ENSURED – If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, merely call us for a refund.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on BoriCap Vaginal Suppository Applicator – Reusable.
For pure relief. Produced females, by females. Our storyHow we got our start? BoriCap was born in between 2 pals (a nurse & business owner) and a great deal of honest discussions. We understood females required boric acid suppositories, however had barriers of schedule & expense. Our method was basic: we partnered with a medical professional to produce BoriCap, boric acid precisely as medical professionals advise. What makes our product special? We produced a boric acid suppository that we wished to utilize ourselves, and partnered with medical professionals for formula, guidelines, and screening to ensure we got it right. All of our products are on the cutting edge of gynecologic research, offered to you without gimmicky marketing or empty pledges. Why we enjoy what we do? Consumers reaching out to inform us how our products have actually altered their lives is more fulfilling than we might have ever envisioned, and really moves us. We speak with females whose self-confidence & intimate relationships have actually been brought back, and years of vulnerability, disappointment and stress and anxiety gone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on BoriCap Vaginal Suppository Applicator – Reusable.

Question Question 1

What Is The Internal Diameter?We Required Something To Hold A 1/2 Inch Suppository.?

That’s an excellent question. we bought these, however they were too small to hold the suppository.we wound up tossing them away.we did find one because works, we will look for that link for you, however yes – these are too little.

Question Question 2

How Do You Utilize This Product?

Pull syringe back.Insert the boric acid tablet.Insert like a tampon and press the syringe forward like you’re ejecting a tampon into the vaginal area.

Question Question 3

Can His Applicator Be Utilized For A Half Of A Tiny Estradiol Tablet?

The applicator can be utilized to place a small tablet.

Question Question 4

Would We Have The Ability To Utilize This Product As A Nuvaring Applicator?

No we wear t believe so. The insert might be too brief.

Question Question 5

Exists An Insertion Indication Line On The Plastic Indication To Assist Guide When It Remains In Deep Enough?

The applicator does not have markers.We recommend holding the applicator with your thumb and middle finger, simply around midway on the applicator and insert up until fingers carefully stop.This ought to place suppository simply inside the entryway to the vaginal area, around 1- 2″, where you shouldn’t be able to feel t The applicator does not have markers.We suggest holding the applicator with your thumb and middle finger, just around midway on the applicator and insert until fingers gently stop.This should insert suppository just inside the entrance to the vagina, approximately 1-2″, where you should not have the ability to feel the suppository inserted.Relax while you place it.With appropriate vaginal lubrication, the pill will liquify rapidly and the contents are distributed in the vaginal area.

Question Question 6

What Are The Active ingredients?

Our applicators are made from FDA quality polyethylene.Please let us understand if you have extra questions.

Question Question 7

Would It Be Okay, After Cleaning It With Soap And Water To Clean The Applicator Down With Apple Cider Vinegar?

Uncertain. we just utilize soap and water.

Question Question 8

Will These Fit A 9Mm Suppository? We Believe It Might Be 3/8 Of An Inch.?


Question Question 9

Can This Applicator Be Utilized As A Rectal Applicator Also?

Thanks for reaching out to us with your question. We do have lots of consumers who utilize this applicator to put rectal suppositories. Completion of the applicator handles a rounded shape when the suppository is positioned into it. You might wish to include a percentage of lube to the applicator or suppository itself prior to i Thanks for reaching out to us with your question. We do have lots of consumers who utilize this applicator to put rectal suppositories. Completion of the applicator handles a rounded shape when the suppository is positioned into it. You might wish to include a percentage of lube to the applicator or suppository itself prior to placing it.

Question Question 10

Will This Work For A 2 Mg Suppository? It Doesn’T State The Size On It.?

A 2 mg suppository we presume is much bigger than our pill as BoriCap consists of 600 mg of boric acid. If you have the ability to determine the measurements of the product you are attempting to utilize, we might have the ability to assist.

Question Question 11

Can We Sanitize This With 70% Isopropyl Alcohol And Reuse?

The manufacture advises just hot soapy water for sanitizing functions. Any other cleansing products may break down the surface area of the applicator.our Relates to, Sofia @ KE Health

Question Question 12

Do These Work For Size 0 (Not Size 00) Gelatin Capsules?

The applicators are meant just to be a best suitable for size 00 pills. Thanks for reaching out to us.

Question Question 13

What Is The Product( S) Of The Applicator Itself?

The applicators are made from Low- density polyethylene (LDPE). Thank you.Let us understand if you have any extra questions.

Question Question 14

Do You Simply Tidy These With Soap And Water To Re- Usage? Or Any Other Unique Strategies?

Eliminate the plunger from the barrel. Wash both plunger and barrel with moderate soap and water and wash completely. Do not boil. Enable to dry completely prior to reassembling.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on BoriCap Vaginal Suppository Applicator – Reusable, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We get persistent bv and we go to the medical professional and absolutely nothing works. The odor would not disappear. So we did our research and found out about bolic acid dealing with bv and wow we are pleased we found this product. We bought the bolicap vaginal supplements and the suppository applicator and we enjoy them. It’s so simple to utilize. With in a day we currently saw a distinction. No odor. We been utilizing it for 3 days and we have no odor at all. We take 2 tablets daily and have no negative effects. Our vaginal area feels so tidy and odorless. We advise this product and will buy more.

We had actually been handling bv all of 2019, the very first time in our life having it and it was the even worse experience of our life. The itching, burning, nasty smell, moisture and consistent discharge. We had actually attempted whatever from prescription antibiotics, to tea tree oil, yogurt, structured silver and absolutely nothing, definitely nothing took it away, it just became worse. Lastly after enjoying a youtube video, we became aware of the boric acid suppositories dealing with bv. We were desperate to attempt anything and checking out all the evaluations, appeared enthusiastic. We purchased the tablets, however understood you needed to buy the applicator individually. The applicator worked excellent and the tablet fit completely within it. You need to pull the applicator stick back to put the tablet within, then as soon as you place into the vaginal area you press it in like you are providing yourself a shot. We likewise understood that insert it standing was most convenient for us, we would put one foot on the toilet seat and after that place that method. We were handling a lot discharge in the start that it was simple to place, however we saw as soon as the discharge was disappearing and the bv was getting treated it was a bit harder to place and injure a little from the sharp edges. You might wish to utilize a little oil of some sort to assist, to make the procedure a little smoother. However if you are handling persistent bv and absolutely nothing else worked for you, the boric acid tablets and applicator are the method to go.

We have actually been handling persistent bv for the previous 6- 7 years and had actually acquired the phd boric acid suppositories (which are simply little pills) after checking out a great deal of evaluations of females who were having the very same concerns as us and the suppositories appear to be an efficient treatment for bv. So, we have actually been unsuccessfully attempting to put them in with our finger and needless to state we weren’t having much luck lol now that we have these applicators we have the ability to utilize them fast and effective and we no longer need to have a hard time or stress. They come separately covered and we would advise.

We struggled with repeating bv for the longest. After attempting numerous things from medications recommended by a gyno to natural home remedy, we lastly attempted this and utilized it in mix with recommended tablets and we sanctuary t gotten bv because. We typically pop one in each time we will get our duration or am sexually active even if we are additional paranoid now. Just drawback is that it gets a little untidy down there. Lol. However it really works. Certainly advised.

Fantastic product. Will buy once again.

This made placing the suppository a lot simpler. We used a bit of coconut oil to the outdoors to help in insertion. It absolutely fits a 00 pill. Cleaning it was simple. Really pleased with this purchase as we had a hard time placing the pill without the applicator.

Worked as explained.

Outstanding quality product. Smooth no snags and can be cleaned and recycled or recycled. We acquire a hormonal agent vaginal suppository that is suggested to be utilized with a finger insert. We choose utilizing an insert. This product works completely and is a very worth for the quality. We will recycle a few times then change them.

It works, and holds the tablet completely. It does not trouble excessive when placing. It splits up quickly to tidy, which is the path you wish to take because these are too pricey if you toss after each usage. We utilize 1 weekly course, and tidy in between each usage, then toss after course is done.

This is like medical professional recommends. We dislike visiting medical professional for bacterial vaginosis and this is working for us. We utilize after sex and a few times a week. The applicators are blessing. Thanks bori cap. You make our life a lotbetter We are so grateful a business makes boric acid over-the-counter. Whew.

Super simple to utilize for boric acid suppositories however simply keep in mind to angle it properly while setting. We likewise like that we can clean and recycle them so they are better for the environment. They are likewise covered in single plans making travel with them simpler.

This works. Forget pharmacyproducts This will solve your issue better and quicker.

These applicators are ideal. Easy to utilize and not to uneasy either. Easy to clean up too. Fantastic worth for the quantity of applicators offered.

These work completely and clean up quickly. Completely worth the cash.

Perfect size and simple to utilize applicator. Certainly reusable, simply need to clean and sterilize them well. We purchased them for our boricap boric acid suppositories.

Fantastic product.

A little uneasy to place however not as much as a cardboard applicator on a tampon. We will absolutely be bought them once again.

Really useful product. Utilized for progesterone pills. Made it simpler to put in the appropriate area.

These are the very best, simple and comfy. Likewise simple to tidy and reuse without any concerns.

Really simple to utilize with boric acid tablets and enjoy that they are reusable.

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