Gyne-Lotrimin Clotrimazole 3 -Day Vaginal Cream

Gyne-Lotrimin Clotrimazole 3 -Day Vaginal Cream

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( pack of 2) 487973

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What Is The Expiration Date On These?

we do not see an expiration date.

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What Is The Expiration Date?


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Exist Actually 2 Tubes? The Photo Just Reveals One Box One Tube. Does This Include 2 Boxes?

Yes, it’s 2 boxes

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What Business Makes This Product?

Dispersed by Taro Pharmaceutical inc in New york city, made in Canada however does not state by whom.

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We truly believed all vaginal creams were the very same. They assured to stop the vaginal infection and you required to suffer the entire time with itching. However when we attempted clotrimazole we were thrilled. Where monistat made us wish to get a steel rake out and attack ourself, this product brought blessed sweet relief. If you are among the females for whom monistat triggers increased itching throughout the treatment then please attempt this. You do not need to suffer through the treatment of a vaginal infection.

We utilized this for a consistent infection. It was itching and burning within and we didn’t have any concept why it began due to the fact that we were constantly tidy and living by the guidelines like utilizing cotton underclothing, not utilizing any soap however just water, showering daily, mindful with hairlessness of the location. However yes yeast infection visited us terribly. It was tingling within. After checking out other women here we got this and placed with offered tubes every night consecutively 3 days prior to bed. Remained in us around 8 hours. From the very first day it stopped the tingling and burning. Because that day it didn’t return. We understand it’s a horrible sensation to handle yeast and factor can’t be found everytime. We suggest utilizing this prior to boric acid solution. Television quantity suffices for 3 days.

Clotrimazole 2% is the only cream that works for us. Regrettably it s hard to find with applicators for a yeast infection, it s normally offered as a jock itch, antifungal cream. We have actually attempted whatever and this is the only thing that works for us. This brand name on is a good offer roughly 13$ for 2 boxes of 3 dosages each box. So 6 dosages amount to.

This worked incredibly. We have truly delicate skin so we were quite opposed to utilizing creams for ywe problems. We never ever had a ywe in our life up until just recently after utilizing a powerful antiobiotic which triggered a fungal infection. Diflucan (150 mg tablet) was not strong enough; it reduced the infection for a number of days however it returned as soon as the fluconazole was out of our system. 2 tablets wound up working however they certainly lose their efficiency really rapidly. This 3- day clotrimazole was excellent even on our delicate body. We spoke with numerous females and customers that monistat/miconazole products burn and trigger a lot inflammation so we were not ready to attempt that. Somebody recommended this and we need to state it was enjoyable – we had no adverse effects; just relief. We get really moderate infections so we have no external problems or standard discharge however the signs we do have actually were alleviated within minutes (burning urination, light thin discharge). 3 days later on all was clear as assured and stayed asymptomatic 4 + weeks later on. We like that the cream is thick enough that it remains in location so it can soak up appropriately. We likewise like that they supply 3 applicators. The 7-day variation (taro brand name clotrimazole in 1%) has just 1 applicator. Overall trouble. Would extremely suggest this to any lady with ywe fungal concern.

Two times as much active component than 1%. We toss out all the vaginal accoutrements (applicators, and so on) and utilize this 2% in other places on our skin.

For persistent bladder infections, cltrimazole 3- day vaginal cream is the most effectiveotc product. Older females have regular dry inflammation. We find this cream specifically relaxing.

Utilized for under the breast rash. Worked quite well, however took longer than 3 days.

Has two times the active component as foot medications.

Worked excellent. Much better/ faster/more efficient than 7-day. No negative results.

Clotrimazole 3 day vaginal cream works well at cleaning up a vaginal yeast infection. The cream is not annoying like other creams are.

Product is mild and efficient.


So simple to utilize, comfy, and great rate.

Attempted whatever for months. This product lastly worked.

It cleared a yeast infection, easily not mine, however it likewise works extremely well on the majority of tinea fungi, such as professional athlete’s foot and ringworm.

It is great.

Simply what we desired.

We utilized monistat 1 for our vaginal infection and it did not assist. Then we chose to utilize monistat 3 and it burned and inflamed us a lot we needed to put cold water down there for 20 minutes. Never ever once again. We checked out great evaluations about clotrimazole 3 and bought it from prime. It is a life appreciate. Not just exists no burning sensation, we likewise saw substantial enhancements in the early morning. Thank you clotrimazole.

Precisely as explained.

It alleviated the itch and rash.

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