How To Cure Yeast Infection In Men?

How To Cure Yeast Infection In Men

Candida is not just a problem for women. In fact, how to cure yeast infection in men is becoming a question that more and more men are seeking the answer to. Candida, or yeast infection, is an equal opportunity affliction striking men, women and children, and in any part of the body that can provide its preferred warm, dark, moist environment optimal for growth.

Before trying to figure out how to cure candida in men, it’s a good idea to make sure that’s what you’ve got. There are some other ailments that have very similar symptoms, but if you’ve got an itchy, red penis, a yeast infection is a likely candidate.

Little white blisters or discharge, and a burning sensation upon contact or when you urinate are also possible symptoms. Just be sure that if you’ve been exposed to any sexually transmitted diseases that you get checked for those too, because if that is the case they should be treated immediately and under your doctor’s care.

Don’t worry if you have a male yeast infection; you are far from alone. With today’s lifestyle and diet of ever more processed foods, candida is becoming more and more common, far more so than most people realize. Your body needs a delicate balance between the good bacteria and the candida. Candida is actually always present to some extent, the problem is just when this ratio becomes upset and the yeast outgrows the good bacteria which normally keep it in check.

Lucky for men, external genitalia are easier to treat; unfortunately, for women, the warm, dark and moist vagina gives the perfect growing area for yeast. For this reason, it is slightly harder for the yeast to colonize and hold on in men, and this is why most yeast infection treatment products are marketed towards women. However, that said, the same exact products can be used to cure yeast infection in men. Pink tube or blue, its job is to kill fungus and give relief from the itchiness and burning, and that it will do.

It’s important to note that in addition to impeccable hygiene and clean underwear (really they should not just be washed, but actually boiled to kill the yeast; they’re hardy little buggers), but if you are sexually active, your partner will need to be treated as well. Otherwise, you can pass the infection back and forth virtually forever.

Using condoms during treatment will help too. If you can actually refrain from sex for a bit, that is even better, as you don’t want to further aggravate the skin while trying to heal it.

Keep the affected area very clean and dry, and apply the antifungal cream twice daily. You should see improvement in a few days. If nothing changes in a week, you should definitely get medical attention, as you may have an underlying condition which is resisting the treatment.

An old home remedy is yogurt, which is full of live, active cultures (these are the good bacteria) and can help restore the balance in your system. Eating it is great, and it can even be applied directly to the candida affected area for some fast and soothing relief.

If you suffer from recurring yeast infections, it is a very good idea to learn more about what causes them. You can learn how to cure yeast infection in men by making lifestyle changes that will help rid your body of the candida and keep it from coming back.