How To Prevent Recurring Yeast Infection?

How To Prevent Recurring Yeast Infection

Yeast infection prevention is essential especially when you have just finished yeast infection treatments. This will ensure that you will never get yeast infection again and be free from the debilitating symptoms that this type of infection has.

Here are some tips for yeast infection prevention along with the specific area of the body affected:

For yeast infections of the oral mucosa or the mouth it is best to maintain great oral hygiene by flossing and gargling after brushing your teeth. Clean your dentures and removable braces regularly too. Since some yeast infections are caused by misuse of antibiotics or prolonged antibiotic treatment, always follow antibiotic prescription.

For oral thrush in children, clean and sterilize feeding utensils as well as feeding bottles and nipples. Always wash your child’s hands and keep him from thumb sucking and putting things inside his mouth.

For yeast infections of the feet or sometimes called athlete’s foot, never borrow shoes or socks from anybody. Never walk barefoot, especially in locker areas where you can get fungal infections easily. Keep feet free from moisture, sweat and dirt before you wear socks and hosiery.

For yeast infections of the diaper area and the groin, keep the affected area free from moisture. Wear non constricting clothing and underwear to prevent heat and moisture build-up on skin. Keep baby’s diaper area dry all the time or apply a protective gel or cream before placing diapers on. You may also leave baby naked for several hours to dry his skin completely.

For yeast infections of the male and female genital area, always practice safe sex. For men, wear a condom if you must have sex with an unprotected partner. It is better to have a monogamous relationship to prevent transfer of communicable yeast infections of the genital area.

For yeast infections of the digestive tract, always stay healthy and eat a balanced diet with enough nutrients to booth immune system health. Yeasts are opportunistic organisms and if your defences are lowered they may come back. Take dietary supplements, be active and have a healthy lifestyle.

Stop smoking; smoking decreases your immune system function plus may also increase your risk of getting yeast infections of the oral cavity. It is possible to decrease the risk of getting yeast infections by eating yogurt with live strains of beneficial bacteria like lactobacillus acidophilus to help keep yeast population at their normal harmless level.

For yeast infections of the female reproductive system, maintain cleanliness of the vaginal area, use vaginal washes that contain anti fungal properties to maintain the vagina’s natural pH levels to support beneficial bacteria growth. Wear clean underwear daily and never sit on dirty restrooms where you may get fungal infections easily.

At the first sign of a recurring vaginal yeast infection, consult your doctor immediately to know the best treatment and the ideal yeast infection prevention method.