How To Use Yogurt For Yeast Infection Treatment?

How To Use Yogurt For Yeast Infection Treatment

If topical, oral yeast infection treatments and creams are not providing you desirable result as you expected from best yeast infection treatments, then trying natural treatment for yeast infection can serve your purpose to get rid of yeast infection fast.

Yes, there are various natural ways to cure yeast infection, especially natural ingredients which are consisting of anti-oxidant, anti-bacteria properties are very beneficial home cure for yeast infection. Yogurt is one such example of best natural ingredient, which works wonderfully as natural treatment for yeast infection.

Yoghurt is not only reliable for vaginal yeast infection treatment but also non-sweetened yogurt is effective to treat moderate yeast infection condition. Non-sweetened yogurt is consisting of anti fungal and antibacterial properties, which directly works upon yeast infection-causing bacteria and thus stagnate overproduction of Canadian (bacteria) while preventing/curing yeast infection. So, if you also want to consider natural treatment for yeast infection then, let’s find out how to use yogurt for yeast infection treatment.

Consuming pure yogurt is reliable for natural treatment for yeast infection. This is not only effective yeast infection treatment for women, but also yeast infection in men/male yeast infection can even be treated with this home cure for yeast infection.

Apart from this, Herbalists suggest that consuming yogurt capsules (acidophilus capsules, which are easily available in medical stores) is even very beneficial and effective for yeast infection treatment. Especially, women who encounter repeating vaginal yeast infection, and do not like to consume non-sweetened yogurt, then consuming acidophilus capsules can help them to get rid of yeast infection at great extent.

Additionally, to add some taste in non-sweetened yogurt, one can mix some honey (not sugar) and then can consume the concoction as yeast infection cure with yogurt. Both honey and yogurt contain good antioxidant and anti bacterial properties, and thus overgrowth of yeast infection causing bacteria can be prevented. Besides this, avoiding the consumption of unnatural sugar like brown sugar and raw sugar is advisable.

Application of Probiotics on yeast infection-prone area (vagina) is even beneficial natural treatment for yeast infection. There are various reliable brands, from which you can choose Probiotics in order to kill Canadian (yeast bacteria) and to maintain good bacterial population in intestinal tract.

Using yogurt as tampon is another natural way to cure yeast infection, for this one require to insert unsweetened yoghurt into vagina with the help of cheesecloth, keep it for at least one an half hour then remove it and wash the vaginal area with water. This is the best natural treatment for yeast infection.

One can also use freeze yogurt (pre-freeze in finger of sterile plastic glove); inserting freeze yogurt will not only heal irritation and itchiness around vaginal area, but also will improve acidophilus production (good bacteria that helps in reducing yeast infection causing bacteria).

So now, you can believe yeast infection cure with yogurt is possible and it is best natural treatment for yeast infection.