Nystatin Cream

Nystatin is a medication used to treat fungal infections. It works by weakening the cell membrane of the fungus, preventing its growth and development. This may come as a tablet and liquid to be taken orally to treat intestinal yeast. It may come as a vaginal cream to be inserted in the vagina or in ointment or powder form to treat the infected skin.

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How To Treat Yeast Infection Using Nystatin?

The use of this medicine depends on the form and kind of infections you have. For proper medication, read the instruction carefully and talk to your doctor for further questions and clarifications.

Lozenges (pastiles) – this is prescribed to be taken orally for throat yeast infection. Let them dissolve naturally in the mouth without chewing and swallowing. This is done to spread the medicine over the mouth where the infection is. Take at least for 48 hours until symptom disappear.

Liquid – this is also for mouth and intestinal infections. Use this 3-5 times daily. Be sure to shake the bottle well first before use. For oral treatment, put half of the dose on each side of your mouth like a mouthwash. Hold it there for a few minutes before swallowing.

Ointment or cream – this must be use several times as directed applying it into the area of the skin affected.

Powder – this is often used for treating yeast infection in the feet. Shake the powder and scatter it in your feet, in between your toes and your socks.

Vaginal tablets and creams – this must be using once twice daily. Both the cream and the tablet come with applicators and must be inserted high into the vagina.

Nystatin will only be available with a doctor’s prescription. The dosage will depend on your response to the treatment. It may take a few months or longer to complete the treatment. Continue to take this medicine regularly until the prescribed amount. If you stop the medication earlier than prescribed, you will allow the infection to continue or worsen. If this happens inform your doctor about it.

There are various kinds of yeast infection including vaginal candidacies, cutaneous, mouth, skin, throat and mucosal which can be treated with Nystatin. It can also be used as preventive treatment for AIDS patients and those who undergoes chemotherapy who are prone of getting yeast infections.

Possible Side Effects Of Nystatin

Along with its useful uses, unwanted side effects will also be experience by the patients of Nystatin. These side effects include the following;

Diarrhoea: to solve this problem, try drinking a lot of water to replace the lost liquid. If diarrhoea continues consult your doctor.

Nausea: you need to eat little simple foods such as toast often. If it is still giving you a problem, speak to your doctor about it.

Vomiting: frequently drink a small amount of water and stick on eating small amount of food. If vomiting continues, you must consult the matter to your doctor.

This medicine is prescribed to you and your physician is looking through its helpful uses than its common side effects. There has been no serious side effect which is associated with this medicine.

However, if serious allergic reaction such as itching or swelling, dizziness, rashes and trouble in breathing will occur, stop taking the medicine and seek medical treatment.

Before taking Nystatin, make sure to inform your doctor if you are breastfeeding, tying for a baby or if you think you are pregnant. It is important to tell your doctor prior to your treatment if you have allergic reactions to medicines and suffering from symmetric mycoses.

This product may contain inactive ingredients that would cause some allergic reactions and other problems. Inform your medical history especially on HIV disease, kidney and diabetes.

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