Pure Essence Labs Candex

Pure Essence Labs Candex

Pure Essence Candex is the solution to your yeast infection. It is available in pill form and is effective and safe to use.

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Candex has been the leading yeast management system for 10 years now, using a unique blend of plant based enzymes that break down and digest fibre. The cell wall of candida consists mostly of fibre which is why this product is so successful.

What’s Inside Candex?

Let’s have a look at what is inside Candex and why this combination is so effective:

  • Vegetarian cellulase and vegetarian hemicellulase are important ingredients in Candex because they break down the walls of candida, destroying the yeast infection.
  • Vegetarian amylase is another enzyme used in Candex that is essential for preventing the further growth of yeast. This enzyme destroys carbohydrates which is a food source for yeast.
  • Vegetarian glucoamylase is also used to prevent the yeast infection from spreading by breaking down carbohydrates and starches before they have a chance to ferment.
  • Vegetarian invertase is needed to break down table sugar, which can be another food source for yeast.

How Long To Get Results?

While this product has great results, it also has strict guidelines that need to be followed. Candex won’t relieve you of your yeast infection if you take it while you have food in your stomach. You’ll need to wait at least 2 hours after eating before you can take Candex.

It is also suggested that you drink one cup of water per pill. So, make sure you follow the guidelines that come with Candex and you should see results fairly quickly.


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