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Severe Yeast Infection

Severe Yeast Infection

Severe Vaginal Itching, Severe Itchy vagina Causes & Remedies

The occurrence of a severe vaginal itching is an obvious sign of an underlying problem. This may be caused by Candida, a type of fungi responsible for yeast infection. An itch in the genital area doesn’t necessarily mean bacterial infection. However, if it keeps on recurring along with other symptoms, there is reason enough for you to worry.

Preventions against Severe Vaginal Itching

There are simple steps you can do to lessen your chances of vaginal itching and yeast infection. By becoming more aware of your daily routine, you are protecting yourself from the possible onslaught of various infections.

Always maintain good hygienic practices. The genital area is very sensitive. Keep it clean all the time.

As much as you can, avoid using vaginal douches as they may cause irritation.

If you are prone to genital infection and severe vaginal itching, avoid using fragrant products, like bubble baths. The reason behind this is that these types of products are known to irritate the urinary tract and most of all, the vagina. This is also applies for fabric softeners, bath soaps and laundry detergents. Always wash your hands since they are constantly exposed to a number of bacteria. Don’t make it a thriving ground for bad microorganism. Maintain the good habit of hand washing. Use the right type of bath soap.

For sensitive skin, use gentle and mild products. Be wary of brands which cause skin dryness. Don’t believe everything you see on television commercials and ads. Do your research well and know what is suitable for you. Wear cotton underwear instead of one’s made of lycra or nylon. Anything that blocks the flow of air in the genital area is bad for you. Give the genital area a break and only wear nightgown when you sleep at night. This will support total comfort all throughout the night.

Avoid wearing tight denim shorts or jeans that will only provide discomfort in the crotch. Treatments for Vaginal Itching

There are several ways to treat severe vaginal itching. For medical treatments, it is best to seek medical assistance first. Your doctor should be able to prescribe you with the most suitable treatment according to the severity of your condition.

However, there is a catch when using over-the-counter medications. In some cases, the user could develop some kind of allergic reaction. Always inform your doctor regarding any discomfort you may experience.

Another way of treating yeast infection is with the use of the natural approach. This doesn’t use any over-the-counter medication of some kind. Instead, it utilizes natural products as cure. This also involves a change in your lifestyle and dietary habits. The holistic treatment approach is also increasingly gaining popularity. This doesn’t only pertain to yeast infection, but also to other types of illnesses. This treatment approach is all about bringing back the natural balance in your system. It includes stress management and other techniques that support the development of your physical and personal well-being.

Various herbal products and herbal food supplements are commonly included in the treatment approach. If your itching sensation comes from a yeast infection, then you should look for some yeast infection home remedies that you can start using right away.


A genital infection of any sort should not be taken lightly. For your own protection, make it a habit to have a regular gynaecological check-up. A severe vaginal itching is a warning of an imbalance or irregularity in your system which calls for immediate help.

Severe Yeast Infection

Severe yeast infection can affect any part of the body including mouth, gut, skin, ears and vagina in women. The first thing, however, you will realize when you have a severe condition is the symptoms which can be very devastating. A yeast infection can occur on any region of the body and is caused by an overgrowth of yeast called Candida.

A severe yeast infection can occur whenever a woman’s immune system isn’t prepared to fight it. As a result the condition can take over a week to clear up and the severe yeast infection can even resurface in about another week or two. What is just annoying itching for a healthy individual can become agonizing pain during a severe yeast infection for those who don’t have a strong immune system?

If a severe yeast infection develops in the mouth, you can develop white patches of skin along the gum line, tongue or cheeks. The infection can also spread down into the throat and esophagus, which can cause a sore throat or difficulty swallowing.

Gut infection is therefore considered one of the most severe yeast infections. The problem comes when the victim of the infection does not know what the problem is. They may visit a doctor who might medicate the wrong condition and there will be no relief.

You, therefore, need to be ahead with all necessary information about yeast. If you suspect to have a severe infection in the gut, you can start on a diet that will provide relief and sometimes cure.

You need to know what feeds yeast in the gut and keep away from such foods. Yeast loves sugar, mold foods, fats and others. You need to start eating green leafy vegetables together with alkaline foods. By the way, If you are looking for a more natural and holistic approach to Get Rid Of Yeast Infection, read my review. Yeast Infection No More.

If you develop a severe genital yeast infection you could experience painful urination. This typically occurs as the result of excessive scratching of the sensitive genital skin. Scratching can cause tiny tears in the skin of the genitals, which can cause you to experience a painful burning sensation during urination.

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