Toddler Yeast Infection

Toddler Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection In A Toddler

Yeast infections in recent years are normally connected with adults in relation to their causes. Since the most common yeast infection is associated with sexual problems, people are inclined to believe that they cannot affect children. Nevertheless, research shows that children too can catch this infection. You can reduce the danger of yeast infection in a toddler by keeping in mind some matters.

First, you should know how to distinguish yeast infection in a toddler from a diaper rash. Some parents, especially those for the first time, will go to the doctor worrying that their child has an infection. Upon diagnosing the child, it would soon be found that it is just a diaper rash.

Yeast infection on the diaper area of a baby will have red rashes. Do not make the mistake of using baby cream and baby powder anticipating that the rashes might disappear.

If your child is using antibiotics, it is more likely that your child will be infected rather than those who are not using them. Antibiotics can eradicate bacteria including those that keep the yeast level at a safe stage in the body.

To make sure, consult a doctor if the red rashes do not disappear even after the use of cream and powder. A paediatrician can get the right diagnosis of possible yeast infection in a toddler.

Infections similar to this always have means of prevention. One of the best means to avoid yeast infection in a toddler is through ensuring that they are clean all the time. Fungus grows in a dirty environment. Truth is, the dirtier, the better for fungi, because a dirty environment is very favourable for it to increase.

Another measure that can be taken is to ensure that the child is always dry. Wetness is another factor that contributes to a yeast infection in a toddler. Hence, most yeast infections in babies occur on the diaper area.

The reason is that when the baby has urinated and the diaper has been changed without appropriately drying the area, there is still moist left. Taking lengthy periods in changing the baby’s diaper can cause a yeast infection. This is because of the lengthened contact to moisture which the fungus likes while the baby has not been changed.

Antibiotics for babies should as well be prevented as much as possible as we have talked about beforehand. The mother is not exempted too in this case. Nursing mothers taking antibiotics can cause yeast infection in their babies. This is for the reason that the antibiotics are transmitted from the mother to the child through breastfeeding, hence the risk of infections to the child.

If the stated matters are taken sincerely, you have a better chance of preventing your child from having yeast infection. These are the best means to prevent yeast infection in your child.

Toddler Yeast Infection

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