What Are Male Yeast Infections?

What Are Male Yeast Infections

Those who don’t have experience with yeast infections often think the problem is a result of poor hygiene, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is a common mindset regarding many diseases and infections. Just because a man bathes regularly does not preclude him from a bacteria or yeast infection on a male.

Who Gets Yeast Infections?

A yeast male infection is more common than most people realize because not all cases are reported. Men who have sexual contact with an infected partner are prime candidates for a yeast infection on male, and having multiple partners increases the risk.

Diabetic men are also prone to yeast infections, as are men who are HIV positive. Any person whose immune system is weak will have a difficult time fighting off a yeast overgrowth as well as other infections.

Yeast Infections – The Primary Villain

Candida Albicans is actually yeast. It is the principle character in most yeast infections and exists in 80% of the population without causing a problem unless it overpopulates. Yeast infections are not solely contracted by infection prone people, either. Even healthy individuals can contract an infection depending on several factors.

When is Candida Albicans a Problem?

Imbalances in bacteria can cause the C. Albicans to grow out of control. Most of the time, good bacteria keep bad bacteria in check to prevent overgrowth, but there are certain conditions that can cause the imbalance and lead to an infection.

Excessive sugar consumption can cause problems because the sugar feeds the yeast. Other contributors can include a poor diet, heredity, steroid use, and stress. Antibiotics are another common cause as they kill not only bad bacteria but the good bacteria as well.

Symptoms of a Yeast Infection on a Male

The first sign of a yeast infection is usually itching or tingling. A yeast male infection usually causes a burning just inside the opening at the end of the penis. If conditions are satisfactory for continued growth of the yeast culture, this irritation will become more painful and can cause extreme discomfort and difficulty urinating and/or pain during sexual activity.

A yeast infection on male is easily treated when men follow a few simple precautions. Real problems arise for those who attempt to ignore the situation with the anticipation that it will resolve itself. If the infection goes untreated, there is the possibility of some long term associated health issues such as prostate cancer.