What Is An Effective Yeast Infection Cure For Women?

What Is An Effective Yeast Infection Cure For Women

Women frequently suffer from yeast infections, and these can be quite painful and irritating. The symptoms frequently include inflammation of the vaginal area, painful urination, and even discharges. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important that you take action right away to find an effective cure for yeast infection in women.

Yeast infections are caused by various strains of fungi. However, there are other forms of infection that can produce similar symptoms, so you need to have your infection diagnosed before starting any treatment. A course of treatment that is effective against a yeast infection may not work if you are actually suffering from a bacterial infection, for example.

In many cases, you may be able to clear up a yeast infection on your own with a home remedy. There are a number of ways to cure a yeast infection without having to go to the doctor or use prescription medication. Give one of these remedies a try first to see if it works as a yeast infection cure for women.

You might not think of yogurt as a form of medicine, but it can actually be one of the most effective ways of curing a yeast infection and providing fast relief from the itching and burning. Make sure that you use yogurt that is unsweetened and that has live bacterial cultures. It is these cultures that are the effective ingredient.

A yeast infection can dramatically reduce the friendly bacteria that naturally live in your bacteria, as well as lowering the pH level. By using yogurt to reintroduce these bacteria to your vaginal area, you can start to fight back against the yeast infection. The yogurt can either be eaten or applied directly to the infected area.

Your kitchen may have other ingredients that can be used as a home remedy for a yeast infection. For example, unsweetened cranberry juice is a potent weapon against a yeast infection. It can acidify your vaginal area to help kill off the yeast. Garlic is another food that has powerful anti-fungal properties. Like yogurt, you can incorporate these foods into your diet or apply them directly to your vaginal area.

Herbs can also be helpful for soothing your irritated areas and providing relief from the symptoms of a yeast infection. Rosemary and thyme are particularly effective. Make a cup of rosemary tea and use it as a douche for fast relief. Drinking three or four cups of thyme tea every day can also help when you have a yeast infection.

If you are comfortable with pharmaceutical treatments, there are anti-fungal creams available over the counter that can clear up a yeast infection within a few days. Both clotrimazole and miconazole are effective against yeast, and you can buy them at any major pharmacy.

Treating a yeast infection does not have to be difficult as you think, when you know how to find the best yeast infection cure for women. Give these remedies a try to help clear up your infection as quickly as possible.

What Is An Effective Yeast Infection Cure For Women?

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