What Really Causes A Yeast Infection?

What Really Causes A Yeast Infection

No, you are not mistaken, you did read that right. Our bodies always have a small amount of yeast in them, as it is necessary for our bodies to maintain good health. However, too much of this fungus will lead to an infection. In order to avoid getting a yeast infection or protecting yourself from another infection in the future, it’s vital to know the triggers of an infection.

Eliminate Yeast’s Preferred Habitat

Yeast can thrive and be found in the warm and damp areas of your body. In order to lower the chances of getting a yeast infection, it is best to always wear clean, dry underwear. To avoid yeast infections, it’s also a good idea to avoid overly tight underpants that are made of synthetic, man-made material. Instead, wear cotton; it breathes much better. You should wear clean panties each day.

You may find that you are more likely to suffer with this condition, if you are a woman that needs better control over your diabetes. This is directly related to the sugar in the urine. But even if you do not suffer from diabetes, it really is a good idea to monitor and cut back your daily sugar intake.

Other causes of yeast infections include using scented toilet paper, feminine deodorant spays and even tampons. Try to get out of sweaty workout clothes and wet bathing suits as soon as possible, as these damp areas provide just the environment that yeast wants.

Be Sure Not To Kill Off Your Yeast Fighters

This is harder than you may think. Certain good bacteria are necessary in the body to fight too much yeast; however, if you take antibiotics for another infection, this type of medicine does not discern between good and bad bacteria and kills it all. You should also be careful when using certain types of soaps, such as antibacterial soap, as you may actually kill off the ‘good’ germs needed by your body.

In fact, the best thing to use on your vaginal area is merely warm water; avoid using soap of any kind as they can interfere with your vagina’s pH and dyes and perfumes in soap can irritate your vaginal area in general.

Be careful with what type of laundry detergent you use as well, as these can also cause similar problems. Do not use douches, as they get rid of the good bacteria. By using antibacterial soaps and antibiotics, all that is doing is making room for yeast by killing good bacteria and allowing infections to grow.

Other Causes Of Yeast Infections

Because of their weakened immune systems, those with HIV usually suffer from yeast infections. If a woman’s vagina is injured, a yeast infection may follow. Taking steroids can also heighten your risk of getting this irritating condition.

Chemotherapy patients are also susceptible in getting yeast infections. Infections can also be caused by the use of immunosuppressive drugs, despite their helpfulness in other areas. Drugs that belong to the cortisone family will also put you at a greater risk of getting a yeast infection.

Women are more likely to get yeast infections if they happen to be on their periods or even if they are pregnant. Whether you wear pads or tampons during your period, you should change them frequently. When it comes to your chances of getting a yeast infection such things, such as stress or sickness, have a marked impact.

It is wise to keep in mind that while some factors that cause yeast infections cannot be prevented, they can however be reduced or even eradicated.

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What Really Causes A Yeast Infection?

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